A tip to start your week stress free

Science has proven that accessing a sense of gratitude can help improve overall mental, emotional, relational, and even physical health. Maybe you already have a practice of identifying three things you’re grateful for everyday. You can collect these in a daily journal, share them out loud at the dinner table each night, or jot them down in a note on your phone. Usually, when we are accessing gratitude in this way, we’re thinking of things that have happened or things that are currently happening. It’s an effective way of reframing the past and the present to shift our perspective towards one of appreciation and abundance. But what might happen if you allowed yourself to feel grateful for things to come?

It’s one thing to hope and want for something in the future. I HOPE I get this new job. I WANT to save enough money to treat my mom to a European vacation. It keeps us in a mindset of waiting, of trying to control for a certain outcome. Have you ever felt yourself wanting so badly for a certain result, that you can literally feel the physical tension of it in your body? Suddenly our hopes for the future have created stress in our present. What if we applied the same principles of our gratitude practice to these future hopes and goals? What if instead of “I hope I get this new job” you shifted into the mindset of “I am so grateful I received this new opportunity on my team. I’m excited to demonstrate my skills in this role, my enthusiasm for our mission, and my love for this company.” Suddenly you’re no longer stressing about getting the role, and allowing that stress to affect your ability to perform in the present. Instead, you are working from a grateful future mindset which enhances your performance and attitude in the present.

So try the following prompt this week to help you shift your moment of gratitude into a mindset that sticks with you throughout your day:

Write down 3 FUTURE things for which you’re grateful as though they have already happened. Get specific. Then read them back to yourself. How does it feel to invite in gratitude for these things? If you lived this day feeling grateful for these things as though they had already happened, how would it affect your present moment? What shifts in attitude and energy might you feel?

Something we are grateful for is the opportunity to bring you Chorus twice a week starting in December! You can now enjoy class every Monday and Wednesday at 6:30 PM at 1114 Folsom St. Classes are all live and available to book. We are already so excited to see you and all of your friends, colleagues, and loved ones as you seek some moments of calm and clarity during a full holiday season.

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