Morning Meditation That You Actually Do Have Time For

“I don’t have enough time.” How often do you utter that phrase aloud or in your head? It’s a story that most of us repeat so often, we start to believe it’s the truth. But in reality, it’s less an issue of the amount of time we have, and more about the way we spend it. We don’t think we have 5 minutes to spare to meditate in the mornings, but we usually have 5 minutes to spare for scrolling social media, the news, or our emails. And that scrolling can sometimes prime us with stressful images or messages, which inevitably gets our days started on an anxious note.

So challenge yourself to try out a new morning routine this week. When you first wake up, instead of reaching for your phone to check those emails or scroll through Instagram, try laying in bed with your eyes opened or closed, and taking 5 big deep breathes in and out. As you inhale through your nose, count to 4 in your head then hold that inhale for 4 seconds, then exhale out through your mouth for 4 seconds, hold with all the breath exhaled out for 4 seconds. Repeat this cycle of breathe 4 more times. Then just spend a moment observing how you feel.

Maybe you can access some gratitude for the sheer miracle that you once again woke up to a new day. Maybe this small pause can make a day filled with meetings and deadlines feel a little less hectic. Does it still feel so urgent to reach for your phone? Could whatever messages you have potentially wait 5 more minutes while you brush your teeth or make your coffee? As you continue this practice throughout the week, see if you can add additional breathes. What if on Friday it was 10 whole breathes? That’s already 2.5 minutes of meditating you’ve managed to work into your morning routine! So maybe we do have the time we need after all!

If you’re looking for a bit of a longer pause this week, join us for our regularly scheduled Chorus class. We are so excited to have Chorus cofounder Ali Abramovitiz leading class this week. You don’t want to miss it!

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