How to Get Some You Time

As you embark on this new week and look ahead at your calendar, have you scheduled any intentional time to take care of yourself? It can be so easy to fill our days with meetings and calls. And, for the most part, once we put those appointments on our calendars, we commit to keeping them. Have you blown off a meeting with a client? How about a performance review with your manager? Didn’t think so. Yet we so easily cancel the plans we make with ourselves to take care of our well-being. How often have you slept in and skipped that morning workout? Or stayed awake for hours binge-watching a Netflix series when you’re exhausted and desperate for sleep? Us too! We’ve all been there. So, let’s try something new, together.

Take a moment today to map out the week ahead. Look at your calendar and notice any pockets of free time you have each day. Can you make a daily appointment to do something that will help support your overall mental wellness? It doesn’t matter how little or much time it takes, the goal is to get intentional about these activities. Purposefully create a block in your schedule. Set up a reminder 10 and then 5 minutes ahead of your appointment with you. Make the commitment and hold yourself to it. Maybe it’s 5 minutes of meditation one day, 30 minutes walking outside without your phone another day, or calling an old friend to connect another day. Whatever these activities look like for you, try to get specific, write them down, and follow through. See how you’re feeling after a week of committing to taking care of yourself!

And if you’ve got some time to spare Wednesday evening, make a calendar invite to join us at 6:30 PM at 1114 Folsom St. for our regularly scheduled class!

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