Cultivating Clarity with Colleagues

When you have an inbox full of emails that need reading and responding, a few projects that need to be completed and submitted, and a seemingly endless stream of Slack notifications; carving out an hour of time in the middle of your week to just lay down and breath can feel comically implausible. But it also might be exactly what you and your colleagues need!

Our brains are designed to try and make sense of the world around us. They are hardwired to identify problems, think up solutions, and work diligently to keep us in homeostasis. They can be so good at these tasks, however, that our thoughts become overly busy, we disconnect from the deeper purpose, and lose the ability to think creatively and expansively. Most of us have probably experienced that at one time or another. That’s why taking some intentional time during our days to quiet the buzzing of our busy minds is so important. We create mental clarity and the space needed to connect to our deeper thoughts.

So this week, when you’re looking ahead and booking your spot for Chorus, maybe send a message out to the office to see if anyone else wants to join you! It could be just the reset your team needs; a chance to slow down, get clear, and connect!

And check out this amazing article from the New York Times in which Gina Gutierrez, the CEO and cofounder of Dipsea, walks us through a typical week in her life as she heads an innovative startup and hear how an evening at Chorus felt for her and her team!

“I feel mentally present: An hour has passed and it felt like 20 minutes. My body feels amazing, slow and quiet. We all eye each other, while the instructor wraps up, mouthing, ‘Cool, right?’” -Gina Gutierrez.

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