An Easy Tip for Some Stress Relief

Feeling stressed? Write it down!

One way to combat that feeling of overwhelm and stress that sometimes creeps up on us Monday mornings? WRITE IT DOWN! Our thoughts can feel much more intense when they are running around unchecked in our heads. So instead of kicking off your week in a state of reaction, try to start it in a state of intention.

Take a minute this morning to get intentional about your day. Write down some of those thoughts and feelings that may be jostling around inside of you. See how it feels to read them back on paper. Do they feel as heavy? Are you able to create some distance between yourself and those thoughts and feelings?

Now take a moment to write down how you want this day to feel. Get clear about your intentions for your time. Write down what you’re going to do today and the feeling and attitude with which you would like to do it.

Taking a moment to pause, get clear, and write down how we want our days to feel helps us breathe intention into each moment. We no longer feel trapped in a reactionary cycle of our arising thoughts. We can participate in our lives with clarity and presence.

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