Be kind
 to your mind

Be kind to your mind

Discover a new mindfulness experience that feeeeeels good from the very first time.  

“Seriously the best hour of my week.”



At Chorus, we utilize rhythmic breathing exercises that quiet your mind, helping you reconnect to your body and reset your thinking patterns. It also just feels great to do.


This isn't your traditional meditation practice. The class is set to energizing and familiar tunes (what up Beyonce) that drive the experience forward and fill it with emotion.


Our unique experience fosters a deep sense of connection to the people in our life. Join solo or with a friend. Either way we know you’ll feel at home.

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Whether you meditate daily and love it, tried it and hated it, or have never even thought about it before – Chorus is for you. Our take on meditation can help you de-stress and get back to being who you want to be, so join the Chorus today. It’s gonna be great (promise).
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